We are an expert profesional team ready

to organize from meetings from small corporate events to big conventions, congresses and exhibitions, adapting ourselves to fulfill your needs and particular characteristics of each event.


We can provide our services with the same quality everywhere in Mexico and abroad, for both:  Mexican and foreign companies.





We have specialized executives in each and every phase of the organization of a successful event such as:

  • Total organization of Exhibitions, Congresses and Conventions.
  • Selection and Management of destinations.
  • Selection and hiring of hotels, venues, convention and exhibition centers.
  • Conceptual Planning of the event.
  • Management of budgets, incomes and expenses.
  • Booth and sponsorship sales.
  • Strategy and Marketing and P.R. Plans.
  • Media Hiring.
  • Air and terrestrial transportation.
  • Audio-visual equipment, lighting and special effects rental.
  • Design and production of sceneries and stages.
  • Design and production of stands.
  • Graphic design.
  • Food & Beverages and catering coordination.
  • Coordination of temporal staff.
  • Registration Systems.
  • Multi-Event Apps .